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Thermal Oxidizer Construction and Erection Service truly is turnkey.

During the thermal oxidizer installation and construction phase of your project, PCC will provide a PCC supervisor, and subcontract installation to an approved, quality contractor. Your PCC site supervisor is an expert who will assure that the installation is both timely and correct. To make it even easier, our site supervisor handles communications concerning everything from schedules and manpower, to warranty issues and guarantees.

Installation and construction – Upon completion of this phase, our Service Department is available to complete the equipment checkout and commissioning.

Commissioning – During this phase, the thermal oxidizer system will be started up, and the refractory dried out (as necessary), adjusted, and brought online.

Onsite training – Our service engineer can provide training during the startup phase or as a follow-up when your plant is brought on line. This will familiarize you with the proper operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of the equipment.

Instruction Manuals – For operation and maintenance, each thermal oxidizer is sold with instruction manuals that include startup and dry-out instructions, fuel/air ratio tables and supplier literature for each component of our supply.

Our experience makes PCC the preferred vendor for turnkey projects, and makes your project organized and on time.


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