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Industrial Heat Exchanger

Industrial heat exchangers backed by experience.

PCC specializes in fully integrated direct and indirect-fired industrial air heater systems. In many of our hundreds of successful installations, we have also supplied industrial heat exchangers for our indirect-fired industrial air heater systems. Industrial heat exchangers allow for the process medium to be heated indirectly via the hot products of combustion from the air heater. Of these, there are generally two types used in indirect-fired industrial air heater applications; the plate type and shell and tube type.

The mode of heat transfer in either type of industrial heat exchanger may be through a gas to gas interface or gas to liquid interface. Plate type industrial heat exchangers are typically limited to 1500°F due to the effects of thermal expansion while shell and tube types can handle products of combustion up to 1800°F and higher temperatures with special materials of construction.

With more than 35 years of service in the industry, PCC is experienced and technically skilled to carefully analyze your industrial heat exchanger application and determine which industrial heat exchanger is correct for you.


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