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Thermal oxidizer supplier and sales—anywhere in the world.

PCC sells and installs thermal oxidizers worldwide in North and South America, China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Africa, Australia, Middle East, Kazakhstan, and many other European countries. This global experience gives us valuable thermal oxidizer sales and project execution expertise to successfully handle any thermal oxidizer project regardless of installation location and culture. We support our thermal oxidizer sales channels with a highly talented, experienced, and professional in-house sales team and experienced sales representatives and agents located throughout North and South America and other countries such as China, Malaysia, and Thailand.

PCC’s thermal oxidizer sales team and project engineering team offer unique benefits and added services:

  • Custom designed systems
  • Proven thermal oxidizer experience
  • Global thermal oxidizer sales and project execution
  • Financial strength through corporate ownership
  • Installation, commissioning, and operator training support
  • Spare parts and regular maintenance service
  • Customer-oriented culture

Please email or call us directly at (412) 655-0955 for more information about PCC and how we can help design your pollution control solution.


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